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Help solve crime and earn cash. Crime Stoppers pays for information that leads to an arrest in felony crime.

Have information that may help solve a felony crime? Call, text or fill out an online form – all anonymously. You will be given a unique code number. If your information helps get a suspect arrested and charged, you can use the same code number to collect up to $2,000 and $5,000 in a case involving murder.

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About Baytown Campus Crime Stoppers

Over the last two decades, Goose Creek Independent School District has participated in the Texas Campus Crime Stoppers program. This program is fully supported by Baytown Crime Stoppers, Inc. which is the local hosting organization. Goose Creek ISD’s Campus Crime Stoppers program has been established in the high schools and junior high schools alike. This program allows students and/or school personnel to provide anonymous tips to the administration and local law enforcement about crimes or violations of school rules. The tipster will receive a monetary reward for information which leads to an arrest or disciplinary action. Cash rewards paid are up to $100 in high schools and up to $50 in junior high schools. If the crime is classified as a Felony, then the tipster could be eligible for up to a $2,000 cash reward!
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Baytown’s Most Wanted – Eric Joseph Cortez

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Dejonna Marie Brissey

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Raul Campa Jr

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Quirinius Azariah-Ja Short

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Milko Anel Jasso

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Shelby Lynn Hollaway

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Michael Adams Hendrix

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Theron Tyrell Freeman

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Cyrill Jacko

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Simon Haynes

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Derek Henry


Baytown’s Most Wanted – Christopher Brashears


Baytown’s Most Wanted – Kimberly Sharrod

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Victor Tarin

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Juan Lozano

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Sylvia Henderson

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Sabrina Garcia

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Raymond Garcia

Baytown’s Most Wanted – Jeff Antoine

Home Invasion-Shooting Case # 2017-46402

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Theft – Case # 2017-36309

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Person of Interest in the homicide of Nataliya Shal, Case # 2016-25197. Baytown Crime Stoppers is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest(s).

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Homicide – Case # 2016-25197. Baytown Crime Stoppers is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest(s).

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Homicide – Case #2014-24028

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